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Bottle Washer

Are you spending more time washing your bottles than using them? No more!

The one-of-a-kind Baby Brezza Bottle Washer was designed specifically to give you more time with baby, and less time at the sink.


The Baby Brezza Bottle Washer is the first only
automatic, counter-top baby bottle washer –
and it will revolutionize the way you clean up after

4-in-1 design

It’s unique 4-in-1 design washes, rinses, sterilizes, and dries baby bottles, feeding utensils, pacifiers and breast pump parts – while avoiding cross-contamination with other foods and dishes. All in one step! 

Easy to fill and to clean

Fill the water tank to the max line, and GO! The tank is removable, and has a wide top opening, making it easy to fill and to clean.



  • Safely washes, rinses, sterilizes & dries
  • Works with most baby bottles
  • Fits 4 bottles and accessories
  • 3 auto-wash modes: wash only; wash & dry; wash, sterilize & dry
  • Versatile: use with bottles, nipples, collars, utensils, pacifiers, breast pump parts
  • Safe: avoids cross-contamination with other foods and dishes
  • Gentle: made specifically for baby products, but also safe enough for fine glassware
  • Quiet and compact: Countertop size easily fits next to your sink
  • Removable water tank for easy filling and cleaning
  • Waste water drains directly into sink with convenient hose
  • Works with any automatic dishwasher detergent. Not for use with foaming soap, hand soap, or hand dishwashing liquid.


15.2" H x 9.73" D x 8.65" W|


Bottle Washer Instruction Manual