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Why You Need A Swaddle Transition Sleepsuit

If you’re like other parents, you are probably dreading the day when you can’t swaddle your baby anymore. Not only does your baby look so cute bundled up like a bambino, BUT swaddling really works to calm your baby down and get her to sleep. Who wants to give this up?

Well, when your baby reaches month 3 or 4, you have to stop swaddling for safety reasons, but there's no reason to dread this milestone anymore. Baby Brezza has a NEW line of Swaddle Transition Sleepsuits that will successfully transition your baby from the swaddle and help her continue to sleep well. Our swaddle suit is made to soothe babies by providing comfort and safety all at once.

The reason is that the Baby Brezza sleepsuits work just like a swaddle. The best swaddle suits should tightly hug your baby – which reminds your baby of the womb and helps activate their natural calming response – but they allow the baby's arms and legs to move freely. This is an essential safety measure for the newborn swaddle suit because when your baby rolls over to their stomach, they need their arms and legs to move so they can easily roll back over. 

Baby Brezza's Swaddle Transition Sleepsuits also have unique features to ensure your baby feels cozy and comfortable while never overheating. This swaddle sleep suit is breathable and has vented mesh panels on the legs and sides that keep your baby cool and never too hot. They also have detachable arms so that you can convert them into sleep vests. Plus, they are made from super soft 100% cotton, have a scoop neck and covered zipper, and arms/legs that can be rolled up and cuffed. One of them -- the 3 in 1 Swaddle Transition Sleepsuit -- even converts into a wearable blanket by zipping the legs together, making it the most dynamic baby swaddle suit parents could ask for.

So don't dread transitioning your baby from a swaddle. Be prepared with a Baby Brezza Swaddle Transition Sleepsuit, and watch your baby continue to sleep like a charm.

Do I Really Need to Stop Swaddling at 8 Weeks?
As soon as your baby starts making attempts to roll over, parents should stop swaddling– however, a swaddle suit can help make this transition easier, allowing for more movement while providing the comfort of a traditional swaddle. When trying to find the best swaddle suits, parents should remember to find an option that lets the arms and legs move freely, making it possible for the baby to roll back over.

Is Swaddling Past 4 Months Bad?
Swaddling past 4-5 months is not recommended; if babies are too used to swaddling, they can be startled more easily by their arm movements during sleep– meaning they aren’t getting the best snoozes possible. However, transitioning out of a traditional swaddle with a swaddle sleepsuit can help provide that same feeling of comfort & closeness while allowing baby’s arms to move– meaning they’ll get used to those little arms moving a lot easier.

Does Swaddling Affect Growth?
Swaddling a newborn is completely fine– and recommended. However, parents should always start transitioning baby out of a swaddle at around the 4-5 month mark. Swaddling for too long– or too tightly– can cause issues with leg, hip, and joint development. However, a swaddle sleep suit that allows your baby to move can be used to transition fully out of swaddling.

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