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What's the Best Baby Bottle for Gas & Colic?

A mother knows every cry of her newborn baby, but one of the most dreaded is the inconsolable cry of a baby suffering from colic or gas.

We’ve been there and we know that trying to soothe your little one through an episode of tummy trouble is as hard on you as it is for your baby.

Could your baby bottle be the cause of gas or colic?

There is reason to believe that a vented baby bottle can be of assistance in reducing gas, spit-up, and incidences of colic.

If you’ve been through the experience of comforting your colicky baby, or worried over a tummy distended from excess gas, then you are no doubt looking for answers on how to keep it from happening again, or at the very least, how to diminish the severity of excess gas.

Why a Vented Baby Bottle Is Needed

It’s a simple fact that what goes in must come out. The same is true for air that your little one takes in during feeding time.

When feeding from a baby bottle, a vacuum is formed as your baby gulps down the milk. As soon as the vacuum is breached, air can become trapped in the nipple. These air bubbles can be swallowed by your baby or become mixed into the milk – either way, the end result is the same: extra air makes its way into your baby’s sensitive digestive tract. This air can then cause gas or perhaps even colic and untold hours of fussiness and tummy trouble.

It’s no wonder then that many moms and dads insist on a vented baby bottle for feeding time.

How a Vented Baby Bottle Reduces Gas and Colic

A vented baby bottle gives air bubbles an escape route. Instead of becoming trapped in the nipple, a tiny hole provides a ‘relief valve,’ so to speak, where the excess air can leave the bottle.

The Baby Brezza Baby Bottle features a unique anti-colic TruFlo Vent System that will assist in keeping your baby’s milk free of air bubbles. The end result is less gas, which is a much better scenario for both you and baby!

With a reduced chance for gas, spit-up due to indigestion, and colic, you and baby will both be happier and sleep more soundly.

The Baby Brezza bottle also features a breast-like nipple and feeding angle – making it even more of a natural solution for parents looking for an easy, healthy, and clean feeding experience.

This Baby Bottle Was Born for Your Little One

When we set out to create the Baby Brezza Baby Bottle, we wanted it to be as comfortable and natural as possible for parents and infants alike. We took our accumulated knowledge and set out to develop a baby bottle that would help you do what you do best: care for your baby.

The TruFlo Vent System is just one of the ways this baby bottle is different.

It’s ergonomic design and simple two-part construction also set this baby bottle apart from others available on the market today.

We want babies everywhere to be happy and well fed, and the Baby Brezza bottle was born to help you do just that.

With both glass baby bottles and plastic BPA-free baby bottles in 5-ounce and 9-ounce sizes, there is a Baby Brezza bottle perfect for your little one. In fact, we like to call it the Third Nipple – since feeding from this bottle is a natural and easy experience.

Give gas the boot and keep colic away. Choose a Baby Brezza baby bottle with TruFlo Vent System and experience a stress-free, healthy way of bottle feeding!

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