The Best Baby Sleepsuit: Why Baby Brezza Beats Magic Merlin
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The Best Baby Sleepsuit: Why Baby Brezza Beats Magic Merlin

Transitioning your baby out of a snug swaddle can be a terrifying milestone for parents and babies alike. This change can pose unique challenges, including difficulty sleeping through the night. One way many parents overcome this is to transition baby from a swaddle to a Swaddle Transition Sleepsuit. But not all swaddle transition sleepsuits are created equal. See why Baby Brezza offers the best swaddle transition sleepsuits with superior features than the Magic Merlin sleepsuit to ensure your baby successfully transitions from the swaddle and sleeps through the night.  

Do I need a Swaddle Transition Sleepsuit?

First, you're probably wondering if you need a Swaddle Transition Sleepsuit. For many parents, the answer is a resounding "Yes". The reason is that a Swaddle Transition Sleepsuit keeps your baby snug like a swaddle (like they are being hugged all night long, which mimics how they felt in the womb) but allows free movement of your baby's arms and legs, which is an essential safety feature when your baby starts to roll over but can't roll back starting around month 3.  

But not all Swaddle Transition Sleepsuits are created equal. Here's a closer look at the new Baby Brezza Swaddle Transition Sleepsuits vs the Magic Merlin and why we think you'll agree that the Baby Brezza sleepsuits are superior. 

Baby Brezza Sleepsuits Are Breathable  

Breathability is essential to ensure your baby stays comfortable all night long and doesn't overheat. Baby Brezza sleepsuits have breathable mesh panels running along the legs and sides to ensure sufficient air flow to your baby's torso while sleeping. A happy Baby Brezza user said, “I especially liked the ventilation mesh on the sides and between the legs of the suit, along with the light weight fabric, as I was fearful that something thick might get too warm.”   

The Magic Merlin on the other hand doesn't have mesh panels or ventilation, which many parents have complained makes their babies overheat. For example, one Mom notes in a review on Amazon on Aug. 7, 2020: “the scary thing about this product and I’m surprised that it’s been okayed for babies is that in our very cool nursery (we keep the temp around 68-70 degrees), she was so sweaty when I went to change her in the middle of the night.” Another commented that, “...despite the fabric being cotton, the sleepsuit was very warm and heavily insulated. So I cranked up the AC and the ceiling fan. Still made no real difference in his sleeping. It was just too much effort to get him to adjust to the sleepsuit (temp wise) and I didn’t notice any changes in his sleep.” (source: Amazon review, 2/26/18)

Baby Brezza Sleepsuits Are Convertible So You Can Use Multiple Ways 

Baby Brezza offers two different convertible sleepsuits so you can use it different ways and find what works best for your baby and is an additional way of keeping your baby cool and comfortable all night long. The 2-in-1 Swaddle Transition Sleepsuit easily converts into a Sleep Vest by detaching the sleeves.

The 3-in-1 Swaddle Transition Sleepsuit not only converts into a Sleep Vest by detaching the sleeves, but it also converts into a Wearable Blanket by zipping the legs together. A Baby Brezza user said, “I love the multi-functionality of it. Since it’s summer, I kept the sleeves off, but he was snug as a bug with his long-sleeved onesie underneath. I’m a believer!”

The Magic Merlin on the other hand doesn't convert so it only allows you to use it as a Sleepsuit. 

Baby Brezza Sleepsuits Are Lighter Weight 

The Baby Brezza Sleepsuits are lighter weight for your baby's comfort, esp. on hot summer nights. They still fit snugly like your baby is being hugged all night long but are not as heavy as the Merlin sleepsuit to ensure your baby doesn't overheat. 

Both Baby Brezza and the Magic Merlin offer scoop necklines and covered zippers for safety and comfort plus legs and sleeves that can be cuffed or rolled-up.  Finding the right sleepsuit for your infant’s transition from the swaddle can be a challenge, but keeping in mind key features like breathability and convertibility can ensure your little one stays comfortable all night long.

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