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The Baby Soothe Story

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Hi! I’m Lauren Piccirillo and I developed the Baby Soothe™ massager to solve what many parents say is their #1 issue – calming their fussy baby. It was my own experience with the emotional pain and physical drain of trying to soothe a continually fussy baby that inspired me to create Baby Soothe to help other parents.

I tried bouncy chairs and vibrating swings, but nothing worked except the clockwise massaging motion of my fingers. But I was busy taking care of my other son plus doing everything else a busy Mom has to do so I couldn’t massage him all the time. I created Baby Soothe to mimic Mom’s fingertip massage so you could naturally calm your baby anytime, anywhere even if you were busy. It’s like having an extra set of hands around all the time.

The Baby Soothe is super easy to use – just press the button and the massager’s 3 “fingers” start gently rotating, immediately calming your fussy baby. You can place it directly on your baby’s belly or back or use the included wrap-around band which holds the massager in place.

Lauren Piccirillo



I partnered with Baby Brezza to launch Baby Soothe so that Moms and Dads worldwide can benefit from it. I’d love to hear what you think. Hope you and your baby love Baby Soothe!

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