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Mother's Day Gift Guide - Get the Best Gift For Mom!

If you've had a baby before, you know how hard the first few months can be as you adjust your schedule to fit your baby’s. Between putting her to sleep, preparing bottles, and finding time to sleep yourself, babies - especially newborns - can be exhausting. The best mothers day gift for new moms is something that can help make these everyday parenting tasks easier so they some extra time to enjoy being a parent!  

Mothers Day Gifts for Helping Your Baby Sleep

For many babies, it takes a TON of time and patience to establish a healthy sleep schedule, making it difficult for new parents to get their recommended 8 hours of sleep each night. There are a variety of ways to lull your baby back to sleep including swaddling, massaging, rocking, and even driving your baby around in the car. These tips often require a lot of time and effort, and don’t always work out as planned.

Baby Brezza's new line of sleep and soothing products is designed to successfully soothe your baby to sleep by activating their natural calming reflexes. In short, they’ll sleep easier, and you’ll get more ZZZs too. 

Smart Soothing Mat 

The Smart Soothing Mat helps soothe your baby to sleep better. It’s the first portable soothing mat that mimics the sounds and motions of a mother’s womb, which activates your baby’s natural calming reflex that they developed in the womb. Use it anywhere your baby sleeps, such as the bassinet or crib. The mat uses 8 different vibration and heartbeat settings, and includes a free app so you can control it from your phone. The app also includes timer options and a battery-life indicator so you can keep track. It can even roll up and travel with you on-the-go so your baby never misses a peaceful night of sleep.

Baby Soothe Massager

If your baby wakes up because of discomfort or has a meltdown due to gas or fussiness while you're out and about, don't panic! You can use the tried and true soothing benefits of ‘infant massage’ to soothe your baby quickly. The Baby Soothe massager is the first baby massager that mimics the motions of a traditional fingertip massage - a remedy used for thousands of years to soothe babies and adults too! It includes 3 gentle massagers and has a 10-minute auto shut-off feature. Since it is small enough to fit in purses or go-bags, it is like having an extra set of hands with you at all times!

Baby Safe Sleep Swaddles and Swaddle Transition Sleepsuits

The Safe Sleep Swaddle helps safely and comfortably anchor your baby to their back in the crib so they don’t roll over and wake up in the middle of the night. Plus, it helps you sleep without worry because you know your baby will remain on their back all night long as recommended by the AAP.

 When your baby turns 3 months and starts to roll over, unfortunately it means it’s time to give up the swaddle which has probably been your miracle worker to help you get your baby to sleep. Since it takes a few months for your baby to learn to roll back from their stomach after they have rolled over onto their stomach, it's a safety risk to use a swaddle that restricts your baby’s arms and legs use. Don’t fret! Baby Brezza’s Swaddle Transition Sleepsuits are the perfect way to transition your baby from the swaddle to sleepsuits and ensure they sleep all night long so you don’t have to worry. Unlike other sleepsuits, our sleepsuits are made with breathable mesh panels on the sides and legs so your baby doesn’t overheat, and are convertible so you can use them multiple ways including as a sleep vest or wearable blanket. These are the perfect mothers day gift for new moms who are looking to get more rest.

Mothers Day Gifts for Baby Feeding

Feeding a baby can be a stressful experience, and that's without the added stress of finding time to prepare bottles and baby food. We realized baby feeding needed some super-powered tools so super-moms can spend more time where it matters instead of minutes in the kitchen. Our baby feeding gift ideas for mothers day help any mom save valuable time and make feeding so much easier.

Formula Pro Advanced & Formula Pro Advanced WiFi

Mixing and warming formula by hand can take forever, especially when your baby is crying in the middle of the night. Say goodbye to anxiety with the push of a button. The Formula Pro Advanced makes a perfectly mixed, warm formula bottle instantly. You can choose from 3 temperature settings and 9 different ounce levels, and it has an air-tight formula container to keep bacteria away from your baby’s growing immune system. Even better, you can make a bottle from your phone using bluetooth straight from your bed in the middle of the night with the NEW Formula Pro Advanced with Wifi. This Mothers Day gift is perfect for moms who are tired of mixing formula throughout the day or for late-night feedings, and need a way to prepare it without concern.

One Step Sterilizer and Dryer Advanced

If you’ve had a baby yourself, you likely know how important it is to clean baby bottles and pump parts properly to avoid contamination by bacteria that could harm your baby. Some sterilization approaches take forever - like using boiling water - or may not work that well - like using your dishwasher which doesn't heat up to the recommended 212 degrees. Plus, if you use a drying rack after sterilizing through one of these approaches, you are immediately exposing the bottles and pump parts to germs on your drying rack. The easiest and best way to ensure bottles get properly sterilized and dried (and stay germ-free until your next use) is to get a sterilizer-dryer. The One Step Sterilizer Dryer Advanced automatically sterilizes and dries each bottle, breast pump part, pacifier, and more. It has the largest capacity of any sterilizer and dries 33% faster. Just load it up, set it and forget it while it ensures you always have a fresh supply of perfectly sterilized feeding accessories when you need them.

Formula-Ready Distilled Water

While adults may be accustomed to the bacterias and chemicals found in tap (and even sometimes filtered) water, a baby’s brand-new immune system is not. Making your own distilled water can take hours per gallon. Ordering distilled water straight to your door streamlines your formula-making process, and the distilled water can also be used to help keep your appliances running like new and free of mineral scale. Baby Brezza Distilled Water is the highest quality of distilled water available, making it perfect for your baby’s health and your machine’s performance.


If you haven’t been using distilled water, descaler might be the perfect tool for you to surprise her with a cleaned, like-new machine. When heat and water are combined (especially tap water, or water with minerals) a rough layer of mineral scale begins to form. This scaling can add a buffer barrier between the heating and bottle meant to be heated, taking more energy to achieve the same goal and leaving an unsettling (though, for the most part not harmful) colored stain on your device. Our new descaler helps remove residue to help your machines get back to tip-top shape.

Whichever gift you choose, show the new mom in your life how much she means to you with a little help from Baby Brezza. Made to save time on the little moments, so you can keep enjoying the big moments.

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