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Melissa Gersin Story

Hi! I’m Melissa and I developed the Soothing Mat to solve what many parents say is their #1 issue – calming their fussy baby and getting them to sleep. As a maternity nurse for 5 years and a certified infant crying specialist, I worked with thousands of colicky and fussy babies and saw the pain and anxiety that this caused Mom & Dad. And unfortunately, I found that there really wasn’t a perfect way to calm fussy babies and help them sleep.

I knew from my training that the best way to calm a crying baby is to mimic the sounds and motions of the womb – where they were comforted and slept during pregnancy. It’s scientifically proven that vibrations and white noise calm babies and help them sleep. But no product recreated the womb environment until the Soothing Mat! I launched it on Shark Tank in Feb. 2017 and I’m thrilled that I’ve sold over tens of thousands since.


Shark Tank Baby Vibrating mat


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