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Which Is Better -- Baby Brezza Finger Shields Disposable Applicators or Diaper Rash Brushes

Most parents know that what makes diaper rash cream work so great (it coats your baby's bum) is what makes it so hard to clean off your fingers or nails. One solution to this has been the diaper rash brush but now there's a new product -- the first-ever disposable diaper rash cream applicator called Finger Shields from Baby Brezza, that addresses this annoyance. 

So let's compare and contrast Finger Shields to diaper cream brushes. First let's describe each product:

  • Finger Shields are disposable applicators that you slide onto your finger, then throw away after applying the diaper cream -- keeping your fingers and nails 100% clean in the process.
  • Diaper ointment brushes are plastic tools that you use to apply diaper cream, then have to be cleaned before your next diaper change.

Now let's compare them on the things that matter most to you.

1) Which is more convenient to use? Hands-down, Finger Shields are more convenient. Just use and throw away. There's no clean-up like there is for diaper brushes.  

2) Which is better at keeping diaper cream in check? Again, Finger Shields is better because there's no risk that a brush will spread diaper cream all over the place after use. 

3) Which lets you apply diaper cream more precisely? Finger Shields let you apply diaper cream exactly where you want including every cute little nook & cranny on your baby's bum and groin. A brush isn't as precise since it's plastic and rigid.

4) Which is more comfortable for your baby? Finger Shields is more comfortable because it's made from soft polyester and hugs your finger vs a plastic brush or spatula.   

5) Which is more hygienic? Finger Shields is more hygienic because its disposable so it doesn't carry any germs from previous diaper changes vs a diaper rash brush which may not have been cleaned properly between uses. 

And from a sustainability perspective, it's likely a wash between the two. Finger Shields use 50% less material than a standard baby wipe which is what most parents use to clean off a spatula or brush after each use.

So if you want the best way to apply diaper cream, diaper lotion or diaper ointment, check out Baby Brezza's Finger Shields today!.


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