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Black Friday/Cyber Monday Deals Guide for New Parents

Looking for the best deals on time saving baby appliances this Black Friday/Cyber Monday for yourself or a new or expecting parent? Look no further than Baby Brezza, which has the best deals of the year on many of its popular, of time-saving baby appliances. Whether you’re looking to purchase for yourself or for a parent in your life, Baby Brezza has everything you need to save time and money feeding your baby. 

1) A great gift for new or expecting parents is the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced. It's like a "baby Keurig" - just push the button, and it automatically makes a warm formula bottle. Many users call it a "lifesaver" especially during those middle of the night feedings. During the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale, save 25% -- the best deal of the year. 

  • With it’s fully customizable mixing system, this formula dispenser has 3 temperature settings and dispenses between 2-10 ounces. It even makes water only bottles. Plus it works with virtually any brand of formula and any type of bottle.  

2) Another must have for parents that you can save on during Black Friday and Cyber Monday is Baby Brezza’s One Step Sterilizer Dryer and One Step Sterilizer. Now more than ever, it’s essential to keep products going in baby’s mouth like bottles germ free, and the easiest way to do this is with Baby Brezza's family of sterilizers

The One Step Sterilizer Dryer automatically sterilizes and dries baby bottles, pump parts and more in one easy step, using natural steam to kill 99.99% of bacteria. It holds 6 bottles plus pump parts and accessories, and keeps them sterilized for up to 24 hours in the closed sterilizer! Now save 20% during the Baby Brezza Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale!


If you just want a sterilizer without an integrated drier, check out the One Step Sterilizer. It has the largest capacity of any sterilizer -- 8 bottles and 2 full pump part sets -- and kills 99.9% of germs with natural steam! It’s modular compartments allow parents to customize the sterilizer depending on their needs, and makes sure every product fits, no matter the size. For the first time ever, the One Step Sterilizer is 10% off only during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!

    3) If you warm your baby's bottle or plan to, another must-have is a bottle warmer. And if you don't want to wait 4+ minutes for a bottle to warm (and who does?), then check out our Instant Warmer, which dispenses warm water 24/7 so you never have to wait again. Just add formula, mix and feed! You can also choose from 3 temperature settings and the Instant Warmer will maintain this temperature all day and night. Now it's 20% off during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!

    4) Are you or a new or expecting parent considering making homemade baby food because it's better for your baby than store-bought? Then try our One Step Food Maker Deluxe or Glass One Step Food Maker which is the easiest way to make homemade baby food in one easy step. Both machines automatically automatically steam and blend fresh or frozen fruits, vegetables, meats or fish into a delicious puree or mash in minutes. Now save 20% off both food makers during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale!

    Get ready to save big this Black Friday/Cyber Monday with special Baby Brezza deals on time-saving baby products for you and your loved ones. Spend more time with your baby and less time prepping or cleaning with Baby Brezza!

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