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Best Baby Tech For 2022 To Make Parenting Easier!

Ring in the New Year with top baby tech from Baby Brezza, designed to help save your family more time feeding, cleaning and soothing your baby. Baby Brezza’s time-saving appliances make the everyday tasks of parenting even easier and now is a great time to integrate these smart products into your routine.

NEW! Formula Pro Advanced WiFi

Now you can make a warm formula bottle instantly from your phone with our new WiFi equipped formula maker. Just open the app and press “Start” -- by the time you get to the kitchen, your baby’s bottle will be ready! You can also customize and save 5 different bottles and get convenient alerts on your phone when your bottle is ready, or when the machine is low on water or formula. It offers all of the same features as the Formula Pro Advanced including precisely mixing formula, offering 3 different temperature settings and dispensing between 2-10 oz. Experience the future of feeding today. Click here to shop now! 

Safe + Smart Bottle Warmer


The only bottle warmer with Bluetooth connectivity so you can easily operate right from your phone. Choose from two unique warming settings to quickly warm formula or safely warm breastmilk (which preserves its essential nutrients). The free Baby Brezza app lets you choose your warming settings from your phone, plus sends you alerts when your bottle is ready. Save time during middle of the night feedings with the only Smart bottle warmer! Click here to shop now.

NEW Smart Soothing Mat (Coming Soon)

Now you can soothe your baby for better sleep with the first smart soothing mat. This mat is an upgraded version of the Tranquilo Soothing Mat -- it still mimics the sounds and motions of being in the womb, which activates your baby’s natural calming response, but now is Bluetooth enables so you can operate from your phone. Using the FREE app, you can choose from 4 different heartbeat settings, 4 unique vibration levels, and 5 timer settings to find what works best to soothe your baby. Plus, the app includes a battery life indicator for when it’s time to replace the batteries. Help soothe your baby and improve their sleep using calming sensations similar to what they experienced in the womb. Click here to be notified when it's available.

Get smart this year with Baby Brezza’s line of smart products that will make caring for your baby even easier. And don't forget to check out our other time-saving products for even more ways to save time feeding and soothing your baby.

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