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Baby Soothe Massager - Not Just For Your Baby!

The Baby Brezza Baby Soothe Massager does wonders for helping babies relax by mimicking age-old finger massage techniques used by mothers around the world. But, did you know that the Baby Soothe's gentle massaging action can help you and your family in many other ways? See below why the Baby Soothe Massager is not just for baby. 

It helps improve breastfeeding

Did you know that breast or lactation massage can improve your breastfeeding by unclogging milk ducts and reducing discomfort during breastfeeding. It can even prevent stretch marks by relieving tension. So after using Baby Soothe to soothe your baby, give yourself a gentle lactation massage. Don't forget to apply a lubricant like a natural lotion or olive oil before using the massager. 

Helps calm toddlers and teenagers too! 

Even after babies have passed the point where they can soothe themselves while resting, many children appreciate the occasional massage. If you have a child who asks you to rub their back before they go to sleep, you know just how comforting a gentle massage can be. The gentle motions of the Baby Soothe Massager can help them relax, so don’t be afraid to offer it to them for comfort!

Soothes adults and seniors too!

After long days that strain muscles, a handheld massager might be just what you need to relieve tension on your back or neck. Strategic placement right around your belly button can relieve digestion issues as well! If you are targeting a source of pain or discomfort, make sure to start with gentle pressure, and apply more as needed. 

Even dogs and cats can benefit too!

Some dog owners swear by massage as a way of calming their pups who suffer from anxiety or stress, esp during uncontrollable circumstances like thunderstorms or fireworks. You can use the Baby Soothe on your dog's  back or belly to help them relax. 

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