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Bottle Brush - 3 Pack


Help Reduce Germ Build Up with the Baby Brezza Bottle Brush Set !

These brushes gently clean your bottles with soft, durable bristles, which won’t scratch your bottles.  The strong sponge tip allows you to gently clean hard-to-reach areas of the bottle, and a nipple cleaner is designed for cleaning tight spaces in the nipple.  A non-slip handle provides a firm grip even when wet.  The best part?  The easy-release brush head allows you to easily switch out old brushes with new ones, so you can replace your bristles to help reduce germs.


3 Replaceable Brush Head

To help reduce germ build-up, replace the brush head every 30-45 days, or at first sign of wear. 


The cleaning brush’s strong sponge tip will gently help you clean those hard-to-reach areas, while the durable bristles allow for firm scrubbing. 

Works with ALL Bottles

The extra-long and flexible brush head works with all bottle sizes.

Easy-to-Remove Handle

The easy-release brush head allows you to easily switch out old brush heads with new ones to help reduce germ build up.

Nipple Cleaner

Not only does the non-slip handle provide a firm grip when wet, but doubles as a cleaner designed to reach tight spaces in the nipple.


 Behind the product

When trying to find the cleanest, healthiest bottle feeding experience for your baby, we immediately wanted to improve the experience you have with your bottle brush. Without realizing it, bottle brushes actually transmit more germs than we imagine – because we don’t get the brushes themselves clean enough. Enter our replaceable brush head design, which allows you to change out the germiest part of your bottle brush as needed – without another trip to the store.


  • Extra-long, flexible brush head fits all bottle sizes
  • Soft, durable bristles make for gentle or firm scrubbing
  • Strong sponge tip for gentle cleaning in hard-to-reach areas of the bottle
  • Nipple cleaner is designed for tight spaces in the nipple
  • Easy-release brush head allows you to easily switch out old rush heads with new ones
  • Non-slip handle provides a firm grip even when wet
  • Set includes 1 non-slip handle and 3 brush heads
  • BPA Free


15.2" H x 9.73" D x 8.65" W|


The durable bristles and strong sponge tip on our bottle brushes will keep your baby’s bottle spic and span but won’t leave behind ugly scratches. Our easy release brush head allows for quick replacement of the brushes to cut down on harmful germ buildup. Best of all, the non-slip handle doubles as a nipple cleaner so you can make sure all those hard to reach places remain clean!